Friday Jul 12, 2024

How to Use a Paint Primer

The primer is the undercoat for paint. You use it because you want better results from your paint job than otherwise possible. However, the primer needs to be used in the right way to ensure that outcome.

Why Should You Use Primer

Paint is supposed to stick better to a surface when people use a primer. That means the finished result should look smoother. Furthermore, some paints might not show their true colors unless people use a primer. On the more practical side of things, a primer protects not just the paint job but also the underlying material, thus enabling people to get more value out of their projects.

As such, using a primer is even more important under certain circumstances. One example would be when people are switching from a dark color to a light color and vice versa. Another example would be when the space is humid, which tends to increase the rate at which paint jobs deteriorate.

How Do You Use Primer?

Generally speaking, primers come in off-white. However, interested individuals can get specific primer plus paint combos if they don’t want to guess which combinations will work well with one another. If necessary, you can consult either paint store employees or other paint specialists, who should be able to provide you with suitable recommendations for whatever you have in mind.

Most latex primers are dry to the touch within 30 to 60 minutes. Be warned that you shouldn’t settle for dryness to the touch. Instead, you want your primer to be completely dry, which can take a few hours depending on the humidity and the temperature of the space. Once your primer is completely dry, you can get started on applying the actual coat of paint while following standard instructions on the matter.


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