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How Long Does Paint Take to Dry

Waiting on the paint to dry is often one of the hardest parts of doing a makeover. In fact, after everyone has spent a lot of time and effort painting every inch of these rooms, it’s really tough to be patient.

Yet, if you want your painting projects to be a huge success, you will do what it takes. And, here are 4 main factors that will encourage you to keep your hands off your newly fresh-painted masterpieces.

Type of Paint – Drying Times

Oil-based Paint Types – In 6 to 8 hours, you can expect the paint to be completely dry and ready in 24 hours for a 2nd coat

Latex Paint – In about 1 hour, you can expect this paint to be completely dry and ready in 6 hours for a 2nd coat

However, it is also important to note that these are estimates for each. For exact information about drying times, you should read the instructions on the label.

Application of Paint

As a general rule of thumb, applying 2 thin coats of paint is better than applying thick coats on the walls. Since thin coats dry faster and will not be globby or uneven, they are much better than thicker coats.

Humidity, Temperature, and Ventilation: Slower Drying Times

The humidity, temperature, and ventilation in the room can also make a huge difference in how long it takes for the paint to dry. For instance, here are 3 things that will lengthen the drying time.

  • The room is warmer than average
  • Too much vapor or humidity in the air
  • Stuffy room, limited airflow

Paint Curing Times and Factors

Another essential part of completing your paint job is successfully is painting curing time. For instance, even though the paint will feel dry to the touch, it may not be fully cured until days later. In essence, for maximum hardness to withstand everyday use, the average waiting time for fully cured projects are as follows:

  • About 7 days – Oil-based paints
  • About 30 days – Latex paints

This is a factor that must be considered before putting furniture and other things back in place.


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