Monday Apr 15, 2024

How to Choose Paint Colors

Choosing the right colors for your rooms is an integral step. You want to ensure you get the right shades that coordinate from room to room or interior to exterior. Something as simple as the wrong color can mess up the entire deco.

However, with the many different colors available, many homeowners find it challenging to settle on the right ones. Thankfully, there are many ways to tell whether the color you’re considering suits your house.

We all have a favorite fabric or rug we own. Often, we love these items because of their colors. So, start by thinking of your favorite item and get inspiration for your walls.

To make it easier for you, take a picture of the item and upload it on Snap it. This software turns images into a palette with more than 1700 paint colors. Therefore, it can help you figure out the palette that is suitable for you quickly.

Besides that, you should ensure a proper transition between the spaces of your house. When you choose a color for a room, paint the adjacent spaces using a lighter or darker shade from the selected one. Using different shades of the same color is a great way to create interest and depth. But, you can also mix and match colors with confidence. Just be sure that the shades you’ve chosen complement each other. And avoid using many colors in the same space. If you aren’t a matchy-matchy person, you can always break the monotony with a different color. But be careful not to mess with the overall look.

It’s also wise to consider the curtains you have. Your wall color and curtain color(s) should complement each other. Otherwise, the room will look messy. Ideally, your curtains should be a shade lighter or darker than your walls if you are using the same undertones. So, for instance, if your curtains are dark colored, paint your walls with light colors.


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